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Hem ljuva Österbotten 

Home sweet Ostrobothnia

Lite reklam - A litle advertising

För några veckor sedan gjorde vi en reklamkampanj på Instagram för vårt kära Österbotten.

(Bara på engelska tyvärr.)

A few weeks ago we did an advertising campaign on Instagram, for our dear Ostrobothnia.

Sometimes I dream away over the great ocean to the land of BBQ, Nascar, and Country Music, and how it would be to live there. But when it all comes down, Home is always Home, and that's Ostrobothnia, the best region of Finland.

But Ostrobothnia or Österbotten in Swedish, (which is the majority language spoken here, and my mother language) is not so different from the US, I like to think. We got the north like Montana.. well with out the mountains. Then we got the middle, that's where I live and it's like Kentucky right here, no fried chicken though.. if you don't make it your self of course. And then we have the southern, like Texas, you know where they talk a little stranger, he he.

What I actually what whit this post is to put Ostrobothnia on the map, because we in Finland is mot very good at that. Ostrobothnia is a region whit lot of agricultural, no big cities. The biggest city is Vasa and it's a very small city compered to other cities. But yet we have great companys here, that manufacturers and exports products, from a wide range, all over the world. I will try to guide you through some of these products, I think it's likely that you have come across some of these. I will not give you any names, because no one named no one forgotten. So here we go!

I'll begin with the boat industry, because it's really flowing here. We have at least 15 boat manufacturing companys in Ostrobothnia, and some are exporting all over the world, everything from smallest motorboats to some of the world's largest sailing vessels. We have luxury medium yachts, that is known by the 4x4 of the sea. And maybe the biggest success in the boat industry in Ostrobothnia, one of the world's famous mass produced sailboats. It has the name of a elegant seabird, I won't tell you any more look it up, you will find it.

We continue on the sea. Have you ever been on a big cruise ship, and seen a exit sign? Well it's likely you looked at a product from Ostrobothnia, because we manufacture security lightning to big luxury liners right here. That same company also manufacturer industrial led lightning to industrys, mines and big warehouses. We won't leave the cruise ship just yet, because the very thing that propels the ship forward might be a product from Ostrobothnia, the motor. Here in Ostrobothnia we manufacture some of the biggest, diesel motors for ships and heavy industry electric generators, in the world. And today they can also be built to run on natural gas. We also make propellers here in Ostrobothnia.

We continue with the heavy industry, because we have some very heavy duty her. For example the paper industry, we have one of the world's largest paper mills here in the region, or actually it's a pulp mill. It produces some 800.000 tonnes of paper/pulp every year, and about 10 years ago, when a new part of the factory was built, it was the largest ever built. Also on the same factory aria we have the world's second largest bio waste power plant. We also have some big metal industry here, in fact one of the biggest names in the metal industry would today started it's business her in Ostrobothnia an they still have some big factorys here.

Now I guide you through some mane industry. We have a wide range of plastic manufacturing companies, from small plastic bags and big bags for industrial and agricultural transport, to big and small pipes. Plastic products that are used in medical and health care, and bicycle lights are also made here. Have you ever used sandpaper? We got one of the world leading manufacturer of sandpaper here, if you find a certain dog on the sandpaper, you got a product from Ostrobothnia in your hand. We also have some high tech industry here, like manufacturing robotic forklifts, automatic warehouses, and big airbags for the industry (don't ask me what that is). We also manufacturer industrial machines of many types, and industrial electrical solutions. Also we have Europe's leading producer of box van semi-trailers and truck bodies.

As I whiten erlier the agricultural side is a big part of the region. At last I tell you a bit of the agricultural business here. One of the main business is the fur business, this may sound a little controversial to some, but to us here in Ostrobothnia it's the same as having cows or pigs, and it's a great business to hold the countryside living, which I think is very important. Finlands two biggest companys in the meatindustry are based here in Ostrobothnia. They produce high quality charcuterie products, and exports as far as the UK. We manufacture agricultural equipment, and agricultural plastic.

There is still somethings that I want to spend light on. The first is radiators, because one of the leading manufacturers of radiators in Europe started there business here, but sadly they moved most of there production from Ostrobothnia a few years ago. But the company still has the same name as the very same village they started there business in. The other one is guitars. We had a ones a respected guitar manufacturing company here, that exported to Spain,Italy and even USA. Sadly the production was put to an end in the 80's, some production since then but on mass, but the guitars lives on, and for a guitar enthusiast this can be a valuable piece. My dad is a proud owner of one.

This leads us to a conclusion. Ostrobothnia, my home, and the best region of Finland. This is just a scratch on the surface of what Ostrobothnia have to offer, and don't forget the many, many small business that makes the bigger businesses run. I'm so proud of what we have achieved in this small part of the world.
But I still have to encourage companys here to employ. Some of you might think that we're not suffering from unemployment, but we are, and I really don't know why, other than fear! Why are we so afraid? We need to shape it up Ostrobothnia! We are Ostrobothnia and we can go thru anything, don't forget that. And now it's a great opportunity to recruit immigrants to, why not try, they can sit on knowledge that we only dream about.
I also begging the Finnish government to see us a little more. We are one of the leading industry regions of Finland, but still our infrastructure is critical. ⬅ Just a example. This have been much to read, but I hope you enjoy it. Take care!

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