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We cultivated our connections.

-Thank You!-

This past week we where participating in a big, 2 day long conference about business, connections and export. It was called "Future2016 -Cultivate your connections" and it was held here in Jakobstad Ostrobothnia. This was a conference for big businesses, small businesses, politics, philosophers, and everything in between and it was absolutely free of charge. Because of this we were able to participate in this fantastic and absolutely mind blowing conference.

So, I Jonathan Lönnqvist and on the behalf of my company WesternDesign wanna thank you whit this special made graphics, called "We cultivated".
We wanna thank everyone at Concordia that was working hard several months to make this happen. We wanna thank the speakers for fantastic lectures. We wanna thank the hosts, they where professional, very informed and funny. We wanna thank the companys in the company safari, it was top notch. And last but not smallest we wanna thank everyone else that participated just like we did.

Thank you everyone for the learning, the laughs, the connections, the humbleness, and the coffee.
This is for everyone, enjoy!
And thank you!

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